Variations and project extras can sometimes cause issues between builders and their clients. Watch the video below to find out how we deal with this at Westcountry Construction Ltd .

Variation Issues – The cause

Issues that arise from variations are commonly caused by bad communication. At West Country Construction we pride ourselves on our communication skills to ensure that you are always fully up to speed with your project’s progress (this includes costs and time scales). We do this via our simple variation process in which our clients are in total control of every step of the way.

Our Variation Process

In the video above we are on-site at an extension project in Tavistock, Devon. Initially, this project was going to have a standard flat roof installed. However, during the initial building stage, we discussed the possibility of installing a skylight to provide some extra lighting.

The client was happy to explore this further, so we quoted the price on supply and fit for the Sky Lantern, then sought the client’s full agreement before we started working on the roof. It didn’t cause any delays in the project and the client was happy because they knew exactly what they were paying for. Additionaly they were also getting a nice extra feature in their extention ( which will really add a lot of value to the property as they now have a sunroom).

At Westcountry Construction we track all the variations at every stage of your project. This ensures that you know exactly how much any variation will cost before you have the work done.

It’s a very simple process, but very effective.