In this update, we are in the village Appledore with some beautiful views from one of our projects. We show you a new system that we’ve we’ve used on the roof of this project that the architects specified, the Bauder Single Ply Lightweight Roofing System

Bauder Single Ply Lightweight Roof

It’s always good to work with a specialist company as we have in this particular stage of the project, it means that it will finished well.

What we have done is fitted a Bauder single ply roof membrane, onto a nice little holiday pod with some integrated skylights and some rather tricky gutter details.

As you can see in the video, the Bauder system is aa sort of rubber roid single ply membrane that comes with a 25 year guarantee. There are also some cool little sky pods, and it’s all formed and stuck around all the tricky shapes and details. We’ve also a back gutter all formed in there as well

Other Project Details

We still have got to do some lead works and finish off some the final trims. But as you can in the video, there see some complex detailing around the gutter systems. We also have had some steel canopies that have been fixed to the existing steel framework. This will then all going be covered and clouded with plywood. Then we will be putting a powder coated aluminium cladding over the top of it. To finish it all off off.

I’ll show you on another video some of the intricate detailing that the architect requested.

But it’s really interesting to be involved in projects like there, projects that are a little out of the ordinary and we can do some more complex detailing.

Remember if you have got any bespoke projects feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements