Westcountry Construction can offer a wide range of extension designs and finishes to all style and ages of properties. We can advise and assist with the planning application process and provide early information to ensure that your project is feasible.


As part of the process we will provide you with free consultation meetings to discuss the best way to move your project forward.

We will then provide a broken down quote and finalise costs and invoicing terms, enabling you (the client) to easily budget for your build.

You will then be allocated an experienced project manager as well as an efficient onsite foreperson to ensure we provide quick and effective communication, ensuring you are kept informed throughout.

Upon completion of your home extension project, there will be a sign-off walkthrough with both yourself and the building control officer (who will then send through the certification.

Upon completion you will receive a 12 month warranty and a 6 month snagging period.


 At Westcountry Construction, client satisfaction is our top priority.  Detailed below is what we believe is the road to a successful extension.

1. You contact us (via email / messenger or call). We arrange a meeting and you send any plans you have available (if at this stage).

2. We will visit and offer free advice and guidance to gauge your requirements to ensure any estimates or quotes are as accurate as possible.

3. We provide an estimate for feasibility purposes (you can also use our inbuilt calculator). This will provide you with an estimate based around our discussion on site and ultimately help you decide if the project is cost effective.

4. If you are happy with the initial estimate we would then instruct you to get Building Regulation drawings done (we can assist with this or on smaller builds we are happy to undertake an in house Design & Build service).

5. With the drawings we would draw up a detailed scope of work so you are happy everything is included. We will then provide a full broken down quote based upon this scope (we avoid provisional costs wherever possible).

6. Works are instructed and a JCT contract is drawn up along with a work programme (time) and cash flow forecast (when money is required and roughly how much). A start date is established.

7. Works will commence and you will have one of our foremen overseeing the works daily and a meeting with the project manager once or twice a week.

8. Invoices will be sent once every 2 weeks on a valuation basis (so you only pay for works that are completed).

9. Any variations and extras are agreed via the project manager and yourselves.

10. The building control visits will be managed by ourselves (at a small cost).

11. Upon completion we will arrange a sign off walkthrough to check you are happy with everything.

12. Final payment made upon completion sign off from Building control and the client.

13. 2.5% retention held by the client for 6 months, then after 6 months we will return and rectify any snags and draw down this payment.

14. You have another 6 months of warranty on the build (total of 12 months from building control sign off).


Throughout the process, we strive to cause as little disturbance to you and your home as possible, and we will make every effort to annoy you as little as possible while your Tavistock home extension is being built.


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